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Join us for the MAC Express Convention, conveniently located just off US-127 near the campus of Central Michigan University at The Mt. Pleasant Comfort Inn & Suites Hotel.

15 CEs available – Ethics and Boundaries Course is Sold Separately

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Longevity: Our Survival Plan - Evidence Based Outcomes

Saturday, November 18: 8a-12p
4 CEs – Pain Management, Physical Measures
Sponsored by TLC4Superteams

Course Details

This course will allow chiropractors to explore longevity of life and the factors that sustain health and vitality. It will present attendees with research identifying modifiable risk factors that directly impact longevity and offer an adaptability assessment and risk evaluation for measuring compromised mobility, strength, and flexibility. It will enable chiropractors to reassess the effectiveness of their recommended care for their patients, including evaluation of transition criteria to advance patients in care plans and assessing objective measures of progress at all transition re-evaluations. The course will also detail current research on the benefits of chiropractic care and help attendees define the value of research in their own practices and show how to engage patients in achieving optimal outcomes.

Communicating Chiropractic: The Posture-Longevity Connection - Multidisciplinary Practice the Right Way

Due to a family emergency, Dr. Sanna will not be speaking. Morgan Mullican, DC, from Breakthrough Coaching will be speaking in his place.

Saturday, November 18: 1-6p
5 CEs – Performance and Ordering of Tests
Sponsored by Breakthrough Coaching

Course Details

The science supporting chiropractic care has been growing by leaps and bounds. From the impact of posture on longevity to the improved function of the brain following the adjustment, the evidence supporting chiropractic is strong. With over two dozen references, this presentation is designed to help you communicate the benefits of chiropractic more clearly than ever before. Attendees will learn to measure, document, and communicate goals for care to both patients and third-party payors for care beyond pain relief. Topics of discussion include postural assessment, assessing flexibility and range of motion, outcome assessment tools, Dynamic Functional Testing, Movement Pattern Analysis, functional evaluations, and assessing wellness. Increase your clinical certainty by learning how to create and deliver an evidence-based treatment protocol based upon the science of chiropractic.

 Also, recent changes in the laws guiding multidisciplinary practices in Michigan, championed by the MAC, means that we will see increased collaboration of licensees from various professions practicing together. Most notably, licensees in the professions of medicine and chiropractic have begun to converge for the expressed purpose of delivering comprehensive services to patients whose conditions warrant a joint approach. Collaborative arrangements between professionals have the potential for providing effective care in a convenient delivery system for patients. Topics include increased collaboration of healthcare professionals, the team approach to health care, the DC to MDP transition, and more. This presentation will provide you with the dos and don’ts of integrative practice so that, if you choose, you can do it the right way.

The Changing Brain – Applying the Principles of Neuroplasticity to Pain, Posture and Stress

Sunday, November 19: 8a-2p
6 CEs – Pain Managemnt, Performance and Ordering of Tests, Physical Measures
Sponsored by Foot Levelers

Course Details

With a greater understanding of how the nervous system works and responds to our environment, we can now improve patient outcomes by making predictable changes to pain, postural integrity, balance and functional movement.

Dr. Jensen will cover neuroplasticity and its application to chiropractic, the adaptive nervous system, and the physiology of stress. He will also address neuro biomechanical efficiency including gait and foot assessment, posture evaluation, functional movement assessment, movement disorders, and soft tissue treatment.

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Additional Considerations – Ethics and Boundaries

Be advised: Michigan Board of Chiropractic Administrative Rule 338.12041(1)(b) states: “Credit for a continuing education program or activity that is identical to or substantially identical to a program or activity for which the licensee has already earned credit during the license cycle shall not be granted.” Be aware of this Rule, if you have already taken an ethics and boundaries course through the MAC during your licensure cycle. If you are not sure if you have already taken an ethics and boundaries course during your licensure cycle, contact the MAC at or (517) 367-2225.

Ethics and Boundaries credits are available online in “related products” to those who still need these hours for your current licensure period.

These rates are above and beyond convention rates because doctors who attend all 15 hours of the Express Convention and then attend the Ethics and Boundaries webinar will receive a total of 17 credit hours.

If you only need a total of 15 hours from the Express Convention, and you have already achieved the 15 live hours needed for license renewal, contact the MAC at (517) 367-2225 or to make arrangements.

Important Information – Implicit Bias Training

There has been an important change in the State of Michigan’s Administrative Rule governing Implicit Bias Training for health care professionals. Moving forward, online programs for implicit bias training no longer need to be live and allow for synchronous interaction between the presenter and attendees.

In other words, online, on-demand programs for implicit bias training are now accepted by the State of Michigan.

The MAC website has a 2-hour course and then two 1-hour courses for your convenience at a low price.