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Join us for the MAC 2024 Spring Convention, located at the beautiful Grand Traverse Resort!


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Company Name

Company Website

1 MXR Imaging www.mxrimaging.com
2 Michigan for Vaccine Choice www.michiganvaccinechoice.org
3 The Spine Garage www.thespinegarage.com
4,5 Chiropractic Federal Credit Union www.chirofcu.org
6 Biotics Research Corporation www.bioticsresearch.com
7, 8, 9 Great Lakes Imaging www.greatlakesimaging.com
10 Excite Medical www.excitemedical.com
11, 12 Foot Levelers www.footlevelers.com
13 TLC Coaching www.tlc4superteams.com
14 Barge Nutrition and Supply www.bargesupply.com
15 Infinedi, LLC www.infinedi.net
16 Merchant Preferred Zero www.mpzero.net
17 Herfert Software, Inc. www.herfertsoftware.com
18 Zorex International www.zorexinternational.com
19, 20 Spine Align www.spinealign.com
21 Multi Radiance www.multiradiance.com
22 OrthoCor www.orthocormedical.com
23 Nordic Naturals www.nordicpro.com
24 NuLife Sciences www.backtohealthwellness.net
25 Haven Medical www.havenmedicalinstruments.com
26 Invisa-RED www.invisaredtech.com
27 Shockwave Centers of America www.shockwavecenters.com
28 Anabolic Labs www.kadewellness.com
29 ChiroHealthUSA www.chirohealthusa.com
30 DBS Merchant Services www.discoverybusinesssolutions.com
31 Genius Solutions, Inc. www.geniussolutions.com
32 ChiroMatrix www.imatrix.com
33 HiDow International (Merchandise Plus LLC) www.merchp.com
35 Uma Accounting www.uas.llc
36 ECLIPSE EHR Solutions www.INeedEclipse.com
37, 38 Prestige Products Direct www.triadaer.com
39, 40 CryoDerm www.cryoderm.com
41 Life University www.life.edu
42 Standard Process www.standardprocess.com
44 KDT Decomopression Systems & Technique www.kdtneuralflex.com
45 Chiro1Source www.chiro1source.com
46 Chattanooga/LightForce Therapy Lasers www.chattanoogarehab.com/us/
47 Strand Health Group www.strandhealthgroup.com
48 Medical Marvel Massage Chair www.medicalmarvelmassagechair.com
49 National University of Health Sciences www.nuhs.edu
50, 51 Prestige Products Direct – Health in 10 www.healthinten.com
52 Summus Medical Laser www.summuslaser.com
53 DNA Vibe www.dnavibe.com
54 ChiroTouch www.chirotouch.com
55 Eniva Health www.ehqpro.com
73, 56, 57 The Table Doctor LLC www.tabledoc.com
58 Michigan X-Ray www.michiganx-ray.com
59 Avant www.avantwellness.com
60, 61 The Wellness Doc
62 zHealth www.myzhealth.io
63 LifeWave x39 www.startx39now.com
64 Progressive Practice Sales www.progressivepracticesales.com
65, 66 Scrip Hessco www.scriphessco.com
67 Erchonia www.erchonia.com
68, 69 MichiCare www.michicare.org
70 MIBAC www.mibac.org
71 Ortho Molecular Products www.orthomolecularproducts.com
72 Ignite the Spark www.ignite-spark.com
74 Palmer College of Chiropractic www.palmer.edu
75 Nutri-West www.nutriwest.com
76, 77 Berman Partners/Energia Medical www.bermanpartners.com
78 One Chiropractic www.onechiropractic.org

Located on Grand Traverse Bay, the Grand Traverse Resort offers a variety of award-winning restaurants, an acclaimed spa, on-site shopping, child care facilities, and is close to casinos, museums, winery tours, shopping, and many fun family activities. Parking is free and and guest can enjoy a shuttle to the local casino.

The room block ends April 7, 2024 (or until room block is full).


A dedicated website is available for you to book your room online. The Grand Traverse Resort encourages all bookings to be made online. However, if you want a hotel or tower room, you may call this number: 800-968-7352.

*All Condos must be booked online.

Scroll down past the tower rooms and you will start to see the condo options. Condo (v) is for valley view (t) is for terrace view and (g) is for golf view. These are the 3 closest to the resort. They didn’t offer us as many valley view condos this time around but after you make your reservation you can put valley view preferred in the additional requests box and while they cannot guarantee availability, they will try to meet requests.

Additional Considerations – Ethics and Boundaries

Be advised: Michigan Board of Chiropractic Administrative Rule 338.12041(1)(b) states: “Credit for a continuing education program or activity that is identical to or substantially identical to a program or activity for which the licensee has already earned credit during the license cycle shall not be granted.” Be aware of this Rule, if you have already taken an ethics and boundaries course through the MAC during your licensure cycle. If you are not sure if you have already taken an ethics and boundaries course during your licensure cycle, contact the MAC at info@chiromi.com or (517) 367-2225.

Important Information – Implicit Bias Training

In 2023, the State of Michigan rescinded the administrative rule requiring Implicit Bias Training to be obtained only through in-person or programs that permit “live synchronous interaction.” In other words, online “on-demand” programs are now acceptable.

Chiropractors are required to obtain two hours of Implicit Bias Training every license cycle. This training can now be included within the 30 hours of continuing education needed for license renewal (or the hours needed for relicensure).

The MAC has one- and two-hour webinars that satisfy the State of Michigan’s requirement. Click the QR code at right to access this webinar.