Legislative Action Center

Do You Know About MAC-PAC?


Get Involved! Protect the Future of Chiropractic in Michigan!

MAC-PAC is the only Michigan political action committee with the primary mission of electing and supporting pro-chiropractic incumbents and candidates.

It is critical that the issues facing chiropractic patients and the doctors who provide their care remain on the legislative agenda in both chambers of the Michigan Legislature. 

Every two years, the Government Relations team develops the two-year legislative agenda for the organization and a plan to ensure its success. Direct financial political contributions and strong grassroots efforts help make these goals a reality.

MAC-PAC allows chiropractors across Michigan to pool financial resources to elect and support lawmakers and candidates who support chiropractic – regardless of their political affiliation.

Your contributions to MAC-PAC will strengthen our voice in Lansing, build a stronger profession in Michigan, and make an investment in the future of the profession, protecting chiropractors and our patients.

To read the full MAC-PAC brochure, click HERE.