Important News on Upcoming MAC Elections!

Board of Directors Has Finalized Candidates for President and Vice President/Director of External Affairs

At the end of this year, the two-year MAC presidency of Dr. Robert Markle will come to an end. Later this year, the MAC will be holding elections for the Executive Board positions of President and Vice President/Director of External Affairs.

In May, the MAC Leadership Committee, chaired by Dr. Lisa Olszewski and made up of Dr. Christophe DeanDr. Eric DiMartino, Dr. Christopher Dolecki, Dr. Ken Hughes, Dr. Allen Kash, Dr. Damian PalmerDr. Donald RenoDr. Dan SpencerDr. Lew SquiresDr. Kirk Steketee (former member), and Dr. Dennis Whitford, made their recommendations to the MAC Board of Directors.

Under MAC By-laws, eligible MAC members wishing to run for President or Vice President/Director of External Affairs who were not recommended by the Leadership Committee could have submitted a petition including signatures from at least 10% of the Organization to the MAC BOD. To become a potential candidate for President or Vice President, a qualified member must either be recommended by the Leadership Committee or submit a petition to the BOD. The deadline for submitting a petition was May 30, 2024. No petitions were received by the MAC central office.

So, in keeping with MAC Bylaws, Article X, Section 10.02(d), the MAC Board of Directors earlier today voted to nominate final candidates for the positions of President and Vice President/Director of External Affairs, as follows:

  • For President: Dr. Ken Murkowski, II, of Clarkston

  • For Vice President/Director of External Affairs: Dr. Steven Simmons of Midland

Other Executive Committee Positions

Outgoing President Dr. Markle will become the MAC’s next Chairman of the Board. The BOD will elect the final two positions on the Executive Committee – Director of Internal Affairs and Director of Financial Affairs – at their first meeting of the 2025 calendar year, after the newly elected District Representatives assume their offices. The two individuals so elected will continue to serve as Representative for their respective Districts.



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