Do You Have a Plan to Obtain the Continuing Education and Implicit Bias Training Needed for License Renewal?

Upcoming MAC Programs, Implicit Bias Training “On-Demand” Webinar Coming Soon

By:       Lisa Love-Smith, MAC Programs Director

In a Nutshell

  • Know your NEW expiration date.
  • Familiarize yourself with upcoming MAC event dates and how they could affect your usual continuing education plan.
  • Make a new plan to obtain your needed continuing education and Implicit Bias Training.

See Below for important information you need to know about the State of Michigan’s Implicit Bias Training requirement!

As you know, the State of Michigan recently moved the chiropractic profession to a license expiration date based on the date you initially received your license to practice. [Check your new license expiration date here.] How does this new “issue date” expiration affect your yearly plan to get the continuing education you need when you need it? In light of this change, do you have a plan to obtain the continuing education and implicit bias training you need for license renewal?

Since you can no longer merely remember a November 30th of an odd or even year to renew your license to practice, it is more important than ever that you are aware of when your license expires and your options to get the CEs you need BEFORE your new expiration date.

Upcoming MAC Programs – Mark Your Calendar!

You can always count on the MAC programs to provide the continuing education you need at convenient times throughout the year. Be sure to know our program dates and how our schedule of events fits into your continuing education plan. Upcoming MAC programs include:

  • 2023 UP Convention: August 26-27 in Marquette
  • 2023 Fall Convention: September 15-17 in Detroit
  • 2023 Express Convention: November 17-18 in Mount Pleasant
  • 2024 Spring Convention: April 26-28 in Traverse City

The State of Michigan’s continuing education requirements for chiropractors – one hour in ethics, one hour in sexual boundaries, one hour in pain and symptom management, two hours in physical measures, and two hours in the performance and ordering of tests – will be available at these programs.

MAC Online Programs

Each two-year license period, the State of Michigan allows chiropractic licensees to obtain up to 15 hours of continuing education through online programs. The MAC has a library of chiropractic continuing education webinars approved by the State and available to you to take on demand, at any time! Check out our library here. We will also be adding many new webinars over the coming months, so be sure to check back later this year!

Physical Measures and Performance and Ordering of Tests Credits

In late March, the State of Michigan finalized an update to the Michigan Board of Chiropractic Administrative Rules. One updated rule concerns the State’s requirement that chiropractors obtain two hours in physical measures and two hours in the performance and ordering of tests as a condition of license renewal.

Under the former rule, the State of Michigan required continuing education hours for physical measures and the performance and ordering of tests to be obtained at a live, in-person program. This was part of the scope of practice change that came into effect in 2010.

The new rule eliminates the requirement that these particular hours be obtained at a live, in-person program. Rather, they can now also be obtained online and through other distance learning methods approved under the rules. They will also always still be available at all of our live events. The MAC has several webinars that satisfy the physical measures and performance and ordering of tests requirement, including:

Physical Measures

(2 Hours Needed)

Performance and Ordering of Tests

(2 Hours Needed

Important Information: Implicit Bias Training!

There has been an important change in the State of Michigan’s Administrative Rule governing Implicit Bias Training for health care professionals.

Moving forward, online programs for implicit bias training no longer need to be live and allow for synchronous interaction between the presenter and attendees.

In other words, online, on-demand programs for implicit bias training are now accepted by the State of Michigan.

The MAC is developing several Implicit Bias Training webinars that satisfy the State of Michigan’s requirements available soon, so watch your emails for more information as it becomes available.

Remember: Chiropractors are required to obtain two (2) hours of Implicit Bias Training in addition to the 30 hours of Board-approved continuing education needed each license cycle.


In conclusion, it is critical that you:

  1. Know your NEW expiration date;
  2. Familiarize yourself with our event dates and times; and ,
  3. Make a plan to obtain your continuing education and Implicit Bias Training

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