Legislative Issues

Legislative Issues

The Patient Equity Act Would Require Auto No-Fault and Workers’ Comp Insurers to Pay for ALL Chiropractic Services Lawfully Delivered Under Scope.  

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Michigan’s Workers’ Compensation Act and the Michigan Automobile No-Fault Act currently allow insurers to refuse to reimburse licensed chiropractic physicians for services legally provided under the state’s chiropractic scope of practice, even though they pay other providers, such as MDs or DOs, for the same services. Ultimately, this lack of reimbursement forces patients to forgo care, pay out-of-pocket for a benefit that is covered by the insurer, or seek riskier and higher cost treatment models, often involving costly surgery or dangerous and addictive opioid painkillers.

State Senators Mike Nofs (R-Battle Creek) (pictured, above) and Jim Stamas (R-Midland) have introduced a package of bills – the Patient Equity Act – that would eliminate these provisions in Michigan law. Senate Bills 282 and 283 will promote patient choice and fair competition, while helping to control health care costs. These bipartisan, common-sense bills, which have been referred to the Senate’s Insurance Committee, have been co-sponsored by both Democratic and Republican state senators.

Allowing insurers to refuse to pay for services lawfully delivered based on nothing more than the type of provider who performed the service artificially interferes with the patient’s choice of health care provider. Not treating chiropractors the same as other health care professionals for purposes of reimbursement effectively creates a government sponsored, anti-competitive economic boycott against the chiropractic profession. This is not the proper role of government.

The current situation restricts choice and access to conservative, low-risk, drug- and surgery-free chiropractic care, which studies have shown to be cost effective, when compared to medical care for the same conditions.

There is no rational basis to allow MDs, DOs, PTs, OTs, MTs, and other provider groups to be reimbursed for these services, while licensed chiropractors, lawfully rendering the exact same services, are not.

NOW is the time to pass Senate Bills 887 and 888 and end this discrimination against chiropractors and chiropractic patients. Get involved TODAY and contact your lawmakers on this critical issue!