COVID-19 Information



The MAC is continuously monitoring the coronavirus situation and updating our website. See below for the latest news affecting your patients, your practice, and financial information that could affect you and your employees. 

The Michigan Association of Chiropractors is a professional association advocating for the rights of chiropractors and their patients across the state of Michigan. We are NOT a state agency or regulatory body. We are merely informing our membership regarding what they are allowed to do during this difficult and confusing time.

The information we provide during this pandemic is derived in conjunction with our governmental relations and legal experts, developed after examination of all official releases of information from the State of Michigan and in consultation with said experts and representatives from state government. Please refer to our emails and website for the latest information, free from speculation and the rumors currently circulating in the wake of official state actions.

Rest assured that we will continue to advocate for the profession at the highest levels, with the health and well-being of you and your patients, as well as the overall stability of the health care system, foremost in our efforts.

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