Action Reports


Notice of MAC Annual Meeting of the Membership!

Friday, September 20, 2019, at the Fall Convention at the Renaissance Center in Detroit!


Chiropractic Medicare Coverage Modernization Act Introduced in U.S. House!

Stay Tuned for How YOU Can Get Involved!


Mark Your Calendars: Chiropractic Community Day at the Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum!

Come Check Out the Chiropractic Exhibit in the Museum’s “Insides Out” Gallery on Saturday, August 10th


HB 4449 Passes House Insurance Committee!

THANK YOU for Your Efforts! This Important MAC-Developed Legislation Now Moves to the House Ways and Means Committee for Consideration


An Update from the MAC Veterans Task Force

Veterans Choice Program Officially Ended – and New Veterans Community Care Program Began – June 6


What’s the Latest on CBD?

FDA Stance Remains Unchanged – For Now


F4CP Applauds World Health Organization Recommending Spinal Manipulation Over Drugs or Surgery for Low Back Pain

WHO: Manage Low Back Pain With Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions While Avoiding Opioids, Spinal Injections, and Surgery


HB 4449 Passes House Insurance Committee!

THANK YOU for Your Efforts! This Important MAC-Developed Legislation Now Moves to the House Ways and Means Committee for Consideration


This is a Critical Time for Our Bill, HB 4449!

The Insurance Industry is Out in Full Force Against Us, So We Need a Strong Grassroots Effort to Ensure This MAC-Developed Pro-Chiropractic Legislation Passes the Michigan House!


Navigating the Chaos: The New No-Fault Legislation (c)

CPAN's Legal Team Analysis of Public Acts 21 and 22


Governor Whitmer Signs Historic Dismantling of Michigan’s Model Auto No-Fault Statute Into Law

MAC Legal Team and Our Partners at CPAN Continue to Carefully Review and Analyze the New Law; Stay Tuned for News on Legal, Legislative, Administrative, Media, and Grassroots Advocacy Strategies Movin


MAC Veterans Task Force: An Update

Still Have Outstanding Health Net Claims? Veterans Choice Program Officially Ends – and New Veterans Community Care Program Begins – June 6th


Mandated Reporters of Child Abuse and Neglect Can Now Use Online System

More Info About the Michigan Online Reporting System and Who is a Mandated Reporter Can Be Found at


Research: Chiropractic Tied to Major Reduction in Opioid Prescriptions

Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review Shows Patients That Visited a Chiropractor 49% Less Likely to Receive an Opioid Prescription


FAQ: What’s the Difference Between a “Psychiatric Service Dog” and an “Emotional Support” Animal?

Service Dogs Allowed in Public Places Under ADA; Emotional Support Animals Are Not


Auto No-Fault Talking Points Now Available!



Were You In Kalamazoo for the MAC Spring Convention?

Spring Convention Award Winners


Study Ranks Michigan’s Healthiest Counties – From Ottawa to Wayne

How Healthy is Your County? See the Rankings at


An Update on “Locum Tenens” Physicians

Fee-for-Time Compensation & Reciprocal Billing Arrangements (formerly locum tenens)


A Closer Look at… the Americans with Disabilities Act

Must a Chiropractor’s Office Provide a Sign Language Interpreter for Deaf Patients? Short Answer: Yes


Radically Dangerous No-Fault “Reform” Bill Passes Michigan Senate!

MAC and Our No-Fault Partner CPAN Closely Monitoring the Bill as It Moves Through the Legislative Process – Contact Your State Representative TODAY!


State of Michigan Issues “Joint Guidance” on CBD

Many Questions Remain Unanswered


Nonopioid Directive Form Allows Patients to Notify Health Professionals They Don’t Want Opioids

Let Your Patients Know About This Important Tool to Fight the Opioid Epidemic


MAC Sneaker Drive: A Win-Win for You and Your Patients!

Raise Your Practice’s Perception in the Public Eye While Patients Give to a Worthy Cause – Fighting World Poverty


Dedicated Doctors Establish Action Plan for 2019-2020

Eighth MAC Strategic Planning Session a Massive Success!


A Closer Look At Michigan’s New Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Law

Increase to Minimum Wage Take Effect Friday


MAC Veterans Task Force Update!

All Initial Claims for Health Net Authorized Services MUST Be Filed By March 26, 2019!


AmeriProtect Introduces New Individual Health Insurance Option

MAC Members Who Don’t Qualify for Group Health Option Can Now Obtain Individual Health Insurance Through AmeriProtect Program


Two Recent Court Cases Could Have Enormous Ramifications on Health Care

Ohio Judge Allows Opioid Case to Move Forward, Texas Judge Strikes Down ACA As Unconstitutional


Current Review of… The Blue Cross Profiling System

Be Sure to Keep Up to Date on this Blue Cross Program!


MAC Board Supports HR 7157!

"Chiropractic Patients' Freedom of Choice Act of 2018"


MAC Launches AmeriProtect

MAC, through its wholly-owned subsidiary MichiCare, launches AmeriProtect – Quality Insurance Options for Michigan Chiropractors!

MAC Board of Directors Recommends “”

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