// 2019 Express Convention Speakers

The MAC returns to the beautiful Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort for the 2019 Express Convention & Exhibition. Located just of US-127 in Mt. Pleasant, join your chiropractic colleagues, our dynamic lineup of speakers, and representatives from exhibitors for this incredible two-day showcase of the best that chiropractic has to offer. Don’t miss this amazing event!

Dr. Steve Hoffman

MC2 & Tonal Models | Saturday, November 23: 8a-12p

The Nuts & Bolts of MC2 | Saturday, November 23: 1-6p

Dr. Donald Reno

Turning Up the Profit on Your Practice Practice Profitability | Saturday, November 23: 8a-10a

Dr. Donald Reno

Ethics & Boundaries | Saturday, November 23: 10a-12p

Dr. James Meschino

Nutrition & Anti-Aging | Saturday, November 23: 1-6p

Dr. Jonathan Lesch

Mastering the Disc: Mechanical Assessment of the Spine | Sunday, November 24: 8a-2p

Dr. Chris Passalacqua

Chiropractic Philosophy: Failures in Medicine Are Not Our Chiropractic Victories | Sunday, November 24: 8a-12p

Dr. Edward Daily

Low Back Pain in the Adolescent | Sunday, November 24: 12-2p

Dr. Scott Munsterman

Medicare Policy: How Does Your Practice Comply? | Saturday, November 23: 1-5p

Karen Korth, PhD & Dr. Scott Munsterman

Cultural Competencies | Saturday, November 23: 5-6p

Mr. Carl Alden & Ms. Stephanie Davidson

Insurance Roundtable | Saturday, November 23: 8a-12p

Ms. Vanessa Simmons

Practice Management Workshop | Sunday, November 24: 8a-12p

Dr. Steve Simmons & Ms. Vanessa Simmons

The Essential CA: The WHY of What We Do! | Sunday, November 24: 12-2p

Express Convention