Spring 2020 Virtual Convention


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Registration is still open for the Spring 2020 Virtual Convention! You can still get up to 12 hours of continuing education, with webinars from Dr. Heidi Haavik (4 hours), Dr. Francis Murphy (4 hours, including pain and symptom management), Dr. Evan Gwilliam (2 hours), and attorney Pat Meyn (2 hours, including ethics and sexual boundaries). These “On Demand” courses will remain open until June 1st.  

On-Demand Access:



To view a video explaining the sign-up process, click here.

For assistance, please contact Jason Dykstra with SIDECAR at content@fivefourtraining.com or contact the MAC at 517.367.2225 / info@chiromi.com.

On-Demand Hours

April 25 – June 1, 2020

You will use the same account for the “On Demand” MAC webinars. You may begin taking these courses after the “live” webinars end at 12:30pm. These credits are available April 25 - June 1 only. After June 1, you will no longer be able to access these courses through the virtual convention.

Click here for class descriptions and schedule.

No More than 12 CEs in 24-Hour Period

Michigan Chiropractic Administrative Rule R 338.12041(a) states: “No more than 12 credit hours of continuing education shall be earned during 1 24-hour period.” This rule applies to licensees whose licenses expire in 2021. It does not apply to licensees whose licenses expire in 2020.

For more on the recent changes to the Administrative Rules, including what constitutes acceptable continuing education, click here.

Attendance Verification – On Demand

To verify attendance for the MAC’s “On Demand” hours in the Sidecar Learning Center, test questions will be presented after every “chapter” and can be started and stopped at any time, allowing attendees to set their own pace, take breaks, and pick back up right where they left off. The test must be passed prior to moving on to the next chapter.

Certificate of Attendance

At the end of every program, a “certificate of attendance” will be sent to the email the attendee used to sign into the webinar.  THIS IS NOT YOUR OFFICIAL LETTER CERTIFYING CONTINUING EDUCATION. This certificate is a “receipt,” showing that you attended the program. The MAC will compile the webinars you attend during the convention and will send your official CE letter after June 1.

Reminder: The live, “in-person” hours – two hours in physical measures and two hours in the performance and ordering of tests – can only be taken on Saturday, April 25, 2020, between 8a-12:30p.