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License Expire in 2022? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Got Questions About MiPLUS, Implicit Bias Training, or Human Trafficking? Check Out the MAC Video Explainer!

MiPLUS 2022 Video

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Not sure when your license expires?  Check your license expiration date here.

If your license is expiring in 2022, there are three factors you need to consider before renewing your license later this year:

  1. Implicit Bias Training and Continuing Education Requirements
  2. MiPLUS System
  3. State of Michigan Human Trafficking Requirement

Implicit Bias Training and Continuing Education Requirements

As you may be aware, on June 1, 2022, the State of Michigan’s Implicit Bias Training requirement came into effect.

For DCs Whose License Expires in 2022: Since this rule became effective more than halfway through your licensure period, the State is only requiring that you obtain one hour in Implicit Bias Training prior to license renewal or November 30th when your license expires.

Please note: This is not a one-time requirement. After this renewal, you will be required to obtain two hours every two-year licensure period).

Keep in Mind: This requirement is in addition to the 30 hours of continuing education – that include the other State of Michigan requirements (Ethics, Sexual Boundaries, etc.) – needed for license renewal. So, if your license expires in 2022, you will need:

  • Thirty (30) hours of continuing education, 15 of which must be obtained live, in-person, including:
    • One (1) hour in Ethics
    • One (1) hour in Sexual Boundaries
    • One (1) hour in Pain and Symptom Management
    • Two (2) hours in Physical Measures (live, in-person)
    • Two (2) hours in the Performance and Ordering of Tests (live, in-person)
  • One (1) hour in Implicit Bias Training.

The State also requires that Implicit Bias Training “provide opportunities for interaction among participants and with the instructor.” So, the requirement will only be satisfied if “the training incorporates interaction among the participants (with each other and the instructor).” Beware of merely watching a webinar or video, because if you get audited and cannot prove that the program allowed for interaction, the State may not accept it, and you could be sanctioned. A typical sanction for failure to obtain Implicit Bias Training is a $500 fine and probation of between one day to one year.

You can rest assured that all MAC Implicit Bias Trainings satisfy the State of Michigan’s requirements in this, and all other, areas as outlined under the state rules.

The MAC has Implicit Bias Training available at our UP, Fall, and Express Conventions later this year, and we will have additional live, online opportunities later this fall. Stay tuned!

More information on Implicit Bias Training from the Michigan Bureau of Professional Licensing can be found here.


In 2021, chiropractors whose licenses were expiring that year renewed their license for the first time on the Michigan Professional Licensing User System (MiPLUS), the State’s online licensing and regulatory database for health professionals in Michigan. While you cannot renew your license until later this year, you can register in MiPLUS at any time.

We recommend that you register in MiPLUS as soon as possible to avoid any potential issues when you try to renew your license as we get closer to your November 30, 2022, expiration date.   

Click here for the State’s MiPLUS User Assistance page. Here you will find helpful information, including MiPLUS FAQs, MiPLUS Conversion FAQs, Help Guides, and helpful videos outlining the processes for registering in MiPLUS, applying for initial licensure, modifying your license (name change, new address, etc.), and license renewal.

Licensure Date, Renewal Date: After you renew your license in 2022, your new license will have an expiration date that corresponds to the date you first received your license to practice chiropractic. The expiration date (in most cases) will be more than the usual two-year licensure period, so that the dates can line up with your original licensure date. In some cases, such as those whose initial licensure was in late October/early November, your new license period could be almost three years.

For example, if your license expires in 2022, and your initial licensure was October, your new license period will be December 1, 2022, through October 31, 2025. After October 31, 2025, your license period will return to a two-year cycle (November 1, 2025 – October 31, 2027). Be aware that this could take some getting used to, as in the past you were renewing in even years but will move to odd years moving forward.

State of Michigan Human Trafficking Requirement

If you have not yet received training in identifying the victims of human trafficking, the State of Michigan requires you to obtain it as soon as possible before renewing your license in 2022. Unlike Implicit Bias Training, this is a one-time requirement, so if you have already taken it, you do not need to take it again. If you are not sure if you have taken human trafficking training through the MAC, contact us at and we can assist you.

Human Trafficking Webinar: The MAC has created a short, approximately 10-minute webinar that satisfies the State of Michigan’s requirement, available here.

If you have any questions or concerns on any of these issues, please do not hesitate to contact me at or (517) 367-2225.

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