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Important Info on August 10th MAC Implicit Bias Training!

Register for the Zoom and Take the Pre-Training Assessment ASAP!

August 10th Implicit Bias Training – Your Action Steps

  1. Register for the MAC’s Implicit Bias Training Live Webinar (August 10, 2022) here. The Zoom link will come in a separate email.

  2. Complete the Pre-Training Assessment. The link to the pre-training assessment will be online ASAP. 

  3. On August 10th, log in and stay logged in for at least 60 minutesEach user must log in separately. DO NOT use one log in for more than one person. This is so we get an accurate count of the minutes each user is on the zoom.

  4. Complete the Post-Training Assessment. A link will be provided during the webinar after 60 minutes of training time have elapsed.

To register for the MAC’s Implicit Bias Training live webinar, “Implicit Bias in Health Care,” Wednesday, August 10, 2022, click here.

The Implicit Bias rule requires that you take a pre-training assessment, complete at least 60 minutes of training, and then complete a post-training assessment in order to fully satisfy the requirement.

It is crucial that you complete these prior to the webinar! The post-training assessment will happen at the end of the webinar on August 10th.  

We strive to provide the education and requirements that you need for licensure in the state in the most convenient way possible! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact MAC Program Director Lisa Love-Smith at  

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