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MAC, A Major Supporter of the F4CP, is Proud to Announce They Have Secured Historic TV Commercial Space to Air During 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo

30-Second Commercial will Motivate Consumers to Seek Chiropractic Care

F4cp LogoTo honor chiropractic’s upcoming 125th birthday, the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about the value of chiropractic care, recently announced its securement of five commercial placements to air during the 2020 Summer Olympics, July 24 –August 9, 2020. Generously sponsored by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE), the 30-second commercial will serve to both inspire athletes and others to consider a career as a doctor of chiropractic, as well as motivate consumers to seek chiropractic care for themselves and their family.

“There is no better time than now to showcase the value that chiropractic offers, both professionally and as a patient, which is why we fully support the historic development of an Olympic commercial,” said Norman Ouzts, Jr., DC, Chief Executive Officer, NBCE, an international testing organization for the chiropractic profession with the mission of ensuring professional competency through excellence in testing. “Taking chiropractic to over 23 million households during such a monumental event grants the profession access to millions of consumers and builds the connection between what a rewarding career in chiropractic looks like, and how individuals can utilize chiropractic care to maintain optimal health.”

The storyline is set to feature a past Olympic athlete discussing the challenges of competing against the world’s best and how chiropractic care enhanced their performance and competitive edge, resolved their injuries, and ultimately inspired them to pursue a career in chiropractic. The commercial, which will air on five weekdays, Monday-Friday, between the hours of 12:00 pm EST and 5:00 pm EST during the 2020 Summer Olympics, will result in promoting a career in chiropractic to 23.7 million U.S. households.

F4CP Chairman and CEO of Foot Levelers, Kent S. Greenawalt, concludes, “For years, the Foundation has dreamt of pursuing opportunities of this grandeur for the profession. The chance to create this commercial would not have been possible without the support of NBCE. We are going for the gold and are pleased to showcase chiropractic care to the world during the highly televised 2020 Summer Olympics.”

Click here to watch the F4CP's announcement. 

Source: Foundation for Chiropractic Progress,

GoodheartChiropractic & the Olympics: Did You Know?

  • Chiropractors specializing in sports injuries and physical fitness are the ideal health care providers to help elite athletes reach their maximum physical potential. They are unparalleled in their ability to handle both injury and recovery treatment and help the athletes prepare for competition.
  • Chiropractic care in the Olympics dates back to Leroy Perry, DC, who treated athletes representing Antigua during the 1976 Games in Montreal. U.S Track and Field star Dwight Stones broke barriers and thrust chiropractic care into the Olympic spotlight in an interview on national TV, where he spoke about the important work being done by Dr. Perry.
  • Dr. George Goodheart (pictured), the founder of Applied Kinesiology who practiced in Detroit and Grosse Pointe, was the first official US Olympic team chiropractor, serving at the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid. Chiropractors have been included on the U.S. medical team in every Olympic and Pan-American Games ever since.
  • For the first time in the history of the Olympic Games, the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, Canada, included chiropractic care inside the Olympic Village Polyclinic, a multi-disciplinary facility offering comprehensive healthcare and medical services, marking the first time that DCs from the host country treated athletes and officials from around the world directly inside the Polyclinic. In 2012, there were 28 DCs in the Olympic polyclinic and 27 other DCs working with foreign countries and teams from around the world.

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