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Mark Your Calendars: Chiropractic Community Day at the Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum!

Come Check Out the Chiropractic Exhibit in the Museum’s “Insides Out” Gallery on Saturday, August 10th

Who: Michigan Association of Chiropractors and the Michigan Chiropractic Foundation

What: Chiropractic Community Day

Where: Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum, 315 West Genesee Ave., Saginaw, MI 48602

When: 9:30am – 5:00pm on Saturday, August 10th

Cost: Free Admission for Everyone!

Activities: Chiropractic Coloring/Activity Books, Crafts, Scoliosis Screenings                        

MuseumAs you know, late last year the MAC and the Michigan Chiropractic Foundation (MCF) unveiled an incredible new tool specifically designed to educate kids (and their parents) on the importance of chiropractic care and on what chiropractors do – ChiroLab, a chiropractic exhibit at the Mid-Michigan   children’s museum in Saginaw! The exhibit is part of the Museum’s “Insides Out” gallery, which showcases different types of health care disciplines and doctors’ offices, including ophthalmology, cardiology, orthopedics, pediatrics, and dental.

Since the exhibit was introduced last December, more than 36,000 people have been reached through the Facebook campaign surrounding the unveiling, with more than 10,200 “engagements” (post clicks, likes, shares, and comments).

MuseumNow, we are pleased to announce that on Saturday, August 10th, from 9:30am – 5:00pm, we will be holding a “Chiropractic Community Day” at the museum. Be sure to mark your calendars and come to check out the exhibit, which is an essential addition to the ‘Insides Out’ gallery and a terrific way to help educate kids on the importance of taking care of their spine and nervous system. Bring the kids, because there will be fun activities like a chiropractic coloring/activities book, a craft the kids can complete, and a scoliosis screening!

“Efforts like this literally help to ensure the future of the profession by educating the patients of the future about natural chiropractic care – today,” said MAC Executive Director Kristine Dowell.  

More on ChiroLab

The ChiroLab exhibit contains:

  • An Interactive Spine Abacus – This hands-on display features movable vertebrae that move from the corrected alignment in the spine to the area on the body that they help function, indicating how the spine and nervous system work together.
  • A Mirrored Posture Station – This section allows children to stand/sit and adjust their own posture to fit inside the outline of a proper posture stance. Also includes props such as tech devices, backpacks, etc., to see how everyday items affect posture.
  • X-Ray Station - This x-ray lightbox is mounted to the wall above the table to replicate a scenario that a child might encounter in a real office. There are real x-rays that the children can examine as well as age appropriate books about chiropractic and the body.
  • Adjustment Table –A child-sized chiropractic table is included in the exhibit to help children become more comfortable with the typical furniture found in a chiropractic office. An “adjust-a-bear” stuffed animal that can be adjusted sits on the table, helping familiarize children with the chiropractic process.

About the “Insides Out” Gallery

According to the Museum, the “Insides Out” Gallery offers kids an opportunity to “investigate and explore all the interconnected systems and parts of their body. As they examine and touch organs and bones in the operating room, weigh babies, repair teeth, listen to the heart, and test their eyes, kiddos are discovering answers – and questions! – about the very complex human body.” The Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum sees roughly 53,000 visitors annually, and all of these kids (and their parents) will all have access to the ChiroLab exhibit.

More to Come!

The MAC and MCF continue to explore possibilities for the expansion of ChiroLab in other children museums across the state, whether in stand-alone exhibits or as part of existing health-related exhibitions. Stay tuned!


Get the Posters Featured in the Mid-Michigan Children's Museum ChiroLab Exhibit, Support the MAC’s Legal and Legislative Agendas!

Tech Neck, Backpack Safety, and “Five Fun Facts” Posters Introduce Kids to Chiropractic Care

The ChiroLab exhibit at the Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum features posters designed by the MAC that introduce kids and parents to such topics as backpack safety, tech neck, and five fun facts about the spine. Now, you can purchase these premium patient education resources for use in your office!

The following posters are now available:

Backpack Safety: Backpack safety is an important topic for both children and parents to understand. This poster gives some tips on how a healthy backpack should look and feel.

Five Fun Facts: Fun educational trivia for kids of all ages. These are fun and interesting facts regarding the spine to help entertain and educate patients.

Tech Neck: This poster features information regarding tech neck and how blood flow and oxygen can be impacted by poor posture and demonstrates how to practice correct posture.

Sizing, Pricing, Ordering, and More Info!

  • 100% of the proceeds go directly to the MAC’s legal and legislative funds!
  • All three posters are geared towards attracting the next generation of patients.
  • They are all available in 12”x16” ($12/each) and 18”x24” ($30/each) options.
  • A “Three Pack” including all three posters is also available at a reduced price ($30 for 12”x16” options, $80 for 18”x24” options).
  • For more information or to order, CLICK HERE

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