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HB 4449 Passes House Insurance Committee!

THANK YOU for Your Efforts! This Important MAC-Developed Legislation Now Moves to the House Ways and Means Committee for Consideration

This morning, by a bipartisan 17-0 vote, the Michigan House of Representatives’ Insurance Committee favorably reported House Bill 4449, MAC-developed legislation designed to level the playing field for chiropractic patients in Michigan’s auto no-fault statute. HB 4449 is a common-sense bill that ends the ability of auto no-fault insurers to refuse to reimburse licensed chiropractic physicians for lawfully delivered services that they already cover and reimburse to other providers. This inequity forces patients to pay out of pocket, go without the needed service, or seek riskier and more expensive care, often including dangerous drugs and surgical intervention.

Despite opposition from the Insurance Alliance of Michigan, State Farm, and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, all 17 members of the Insurance Committee voted in favor of the bill.

What’s Next?

Now that the bill has passed the Insurance Committee, it will continue to move through the committee process. Under the new committee structure instituted for the 100th Michigan Legislature, once a bill is favorably voted out of a committee, it goes before one of four committees tasked with performing one last review before the bill can move on to the full House of Representatives for consideration. This “dual review” process is designed to improve debate, analysis, and accountability.

After the Insurance Committee passed HB 4449, it was referred to the House Ways and Means Committee for final review before it can move to the full House of Representatives for consideration. At this time, it is unclear when the Committee will act on the bill.

Thank You!

To everyone who contacted your state representative regarding HB 4449, thank you! Your efforts were definitely felt in Lansing! A 17-0 committee vote is a great victory, and your efforts were a major factor in making it happen!

In the next few weeks, the MAC Government Relations Committee and our lobbyists at Public Affairs Associates will be rolling out our strategy to move the bill through final passage in Ways and Means and the full House of Representatives. Stay tuned to your emails and MAC social media channels for more information on what YOU can do!

CFCU - Lukowski

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