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MAC Sneaker Drive: A Win-Win for You and Your Patients!

Raise Your Practice’s Perception in the Public Eye While Patients Give to a Worthy Cause – Fighting World Poverty

- EASY! No Cost or Logistics involved. 

- Beneficial for your practice!

- FUN! 

- Makes a BIG IMPACT!

MAC Sneaker Drive

The MAC is very proud to announce our partnership with charity organization Rippl on a Sneaker Drive in YOUR practice that will raise your public profile, enhance your reputation in your community, and help your patients make a difference in the fight to end global poverty.

Rippl exists to help individuals and communities in developing countries break the cycle of poverty by creating sustainable jobs, providing food for a family, sending children to school, helping a family build a home, and, most importantly, giving people dignity and value.

Rippl does this through providing the means for commerce and development to areas in need by helping individuals sell shoes in their local markets. When your patients donate their “gently worn” tennis and athletic shoes to Rippl, they’re giving more than a pair of sneakers. They are creating inventory for family businesses and merchants in developing areas who would otherwise lack access. These businesses and merchants are the backbone of their local economies. Sustainable business opportunities are the key to their financial independence and social development. Put simply, where local business can thrive, the community can prosper. That's the Rippl effect.

Expand Your Impact… Empower Others… Be The Rippl.

For a video on Rippl and how it works, click here.

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