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New EXCLUSIVE Member Benefit!

Exclusive Workers’ Compensation Coverage for Michigan Chiropractors

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As you know, the MAC has been looking to create a solution to our members’ workers’ compensation needs. We have been exploring the possibility of developing our own self-insured workers’ compensation fund – MichiComp. This is still our long-term strategic goal, but in the meantime, we have partnered with full-service specialty insurer Mourer Foster and the Michigan workers’ compensation insurance experts at Retailers Insurance Company to create a member group safety dividend program for MAC members.

Workers’ Compensation policy holders through this program receive:

  • Several payment options with no penalty for stretching out payments
  • Employee liability limit of $2 million – much higher than the $500,000 industry standard
  • EFT Guard, providing $100,000 protection if your business bank account is hacked, plus $2,500 of cyber extortion protection if your computer system is held for ransom
  • Discounts for practices that install security measures and encourage healthy and safe work habits
  • Membership in the Michigan Retailers Association, with full access to its valuable business service
  • Automatic terrorism coverage

For more information, contact Wes Hoffrichter at the MAC at (517) 367-2225 or

To start the quote and application process, click the link below:


Are There Penalties if an Employer Does Not Obtain Workers’ Compensation Insurance or Permission to be Self-Insured?

Yes. Under Michigan’s Workers Disability Compensation Act, there are severe penalties for the failure of an employer to provide workers’ compensation coverage. First of all, if a worker is injured, he/she may sue the employer for damages in civil court. If the employer was at fault for the injury, this could result in the payment of a great deal of money by the employer.

Secondly, the Workers’ Compensation Agency actively enforces the Workers’ Disability Compensation Act. It has the authority to petition the court and seek an order prohibiting the company from employing any persons in their business until such time as proper workers’ compensation insurance coverage is obtained.

Finally, the employer may be subject to a fine of $1,000, imprisonment for no less than 30 days nor more than 6 months, or both. And, each day for which the employer is uninsured is considered a separate offense, so they penalties could be immense.

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