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Pro-Chiropractic Bills Introduced in Michigan Senate!

SBs 887 and 888 Would Require Payment for All Services Legally Delivered Under Michigan’s Chiropractic Scope in Auto No-Fault and Workers’ Comp!

Make your voice be heard! The MAC – through our online grassroots partner CAPWIZ – has made it very simple for you to contact your lawmakers regarding this issue. Just click on the Legislative Action Center below and Take Action on “End No-Pay Provisions in Michigan Law TODAY!” It’s fast, easy, and will make a difference! 

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State Senators Mike Nofs (R-Battle Creek) and Wayne Schmidt (R-Traverse City) – two great friends of chiropractic in the Michigan Senate – have introduced legislation that would require Michigan auto no-fault and workers’ compensation insurers to pay for all services legally performed under Michigan’s current chiropractic scope of practice, regardless of whether or not the service was allowed under the former scope. Senate Bills 887 and 888 have been referred to the Senate Insurance Committee. 

These bills are in response to legislation Michigan’s insurance industry successfully added to our scope of practice bills in 2009. At the time, the industry claimed this would keep health care costs down and that they did not want to pay DCs for fewer services, just not more. This claim has been proven to be false. 

Senate Bill 887 would apply to Michigan’s auto no-fault system. Senate Bill 888 would apply to Michigan’s workers’ compensation system. 

Background. In 2009, the Michigan Legislature passed legislation that brought Michigan’s chiropractic scope into line with the rest of the nation, allowing for the adjustment of the extremities, differential diagnosis, the use of physical measures, etc. Michigan’s previous chiropractic scope, was the most restrictive in the nation. 

The new scope law was a great step forward! However, the insurance industry pushed legislation at the same time stating that Michigan insurers MAY reimburse for the services allowed under the new scope, but they were not required to. The MAC vigorously opposed these bills. Unfortunately, the insurance lobby was successful, and their language was “tie-barred” to our bills, meaning that the scope bills could not take effect unless the other bills were also enacted into law. Similar legislation had been tacked on to all other major attempts to enhance a health profession’s scope of practice. 

NOW is the time to pass Senate Bills 887 and 888 and end this discrimination against chiropractors and chiropractic patients. Get involved TODAY and contact your lawmakers on this critical issue!