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Michigan House Committee Takes Testimony on Pro-Chiropractic Legislation

HBs 5295 and 5296 Would Allow Chiropractors and MDs/DOs to Form a Professional Corporation or Professional Limited Liability Company Together

To send an email to your state representative asking him or her to support HBs 5295 and 5296, click here.

Earlier today, MAC Chairman of the Board Dr. Eric DiMartino (pictured, above) testified before the Michigan House Regulatory Reform Committee on House Bills 5295 and 5296, MAC-developed legislation that would allow chiropractors and MDs/DOs to form a professional corporation or professional limited liability company together. Also testifying in favor of the bills were Committee Chair state Representative Roger Hauck (R-Union Township), sponsor of HB 5295, and Minority Vice Chair state Representative Kevin Hertel (D-St. Clair Shores), sponsor of HB 5296.

“This bipartisan, two-bill package corrects an outdated prohibition in Michigan’s Corporations Act that does not allow an MD or DO to partner with a DC,” Dr. DiMartino told the Committee. “This flies in the face of the direction of healthcare in the 21st Century, which is moving toward a more patient-centered model that is not only more convenient for the patient, but also leads to cost savings for the entire health care system.”

“Michigan’s current prohibition to an integrated partnership between chiropractic physicians and other physician types is a barrier to quality, effective healthcare,” Dr. DiMartino continued. This prohibition is outdated, is often counter to the best interest of the patient, and frequently adds costs to the healthcare system.”

Dr. DiMartino also noted that the bills are narrowly focused and would not create any sort of mandate, but rather would only allow “licensed physicians to create partnerships that merge their expertise and skills and allow them to provide quality, comprehensive care, improve patient outcomes, and save valuable resources.”

With the Regulatory Reform Committee considering House Bills 5295 and 5296, NOW is the time to email your state representative and ask him or her to support these common-sense, bipartisan bills.

Stay tuned for more information on Dr. DiMartino’s testimony in the upcoming November edition of the MAC Action Report.

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