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Updated BCBSM Provider Consultant Contact Information

After numerous calls over the past year from our members regarding Blue Cross’ confusing network of provider consultants, we will now regularly attempt to update the contact information for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s statewide Provider Consultants. The MAC would like to remind members that you can always contact the MAC if you have a serious issue with Blue Cross. And, after you talk with your provider consultant, if you still have questions, contact the MAC.

Find your provider consultant, including when the information was last updated by Blue Cross on their website, by region below:

A map of these regions can be found on the Blue Cross website here.   

The Blues reminds providers that their consultants are often in the field, visiting and training provider office staff. So, they may be hard to reach. If you need immediate assistance, Blue Cross suggests contacting Provider Inquiry instead. Their contact info can be found online here.  

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