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This is a Critical Time for Our Bill, HB 4449!

The Insurance Industry is Out in Full Force Against Us, So We Need a Strong Grassroots Effort to Ensure This MAC-Developed Pro-Chiropractic Legislation Passes the Michigan House!

As you know, the MAC has been working closely with a number of strategic partners in the Michigan House of Representatives to pass House Bill 4449, bipartisan legislation that would end discrimination against chiropractors and our patients in Michigan’s auto no-fault statute. A hearing was held on the bill in April, and we are expecting a committee vote on the legislation in the very near future, possibly as soon as next Thursday.


Apparently not content with the massive windfall of profits they can expect due to the recent dismantling of Michigan’s model auto no-fault law, Michigan’s highly powerful insurance industry lobbyists are coming out in full force against HB 4449, a common-sense bill that ends their ability to refuse to reimburse licensed chiropractic physicians for lawfully delivered services that they cover and reimburse to other providers. This inequity forces patients to pay out of pocket, go without the needed service, or seek riskier and more expensive care – often including dangerous drugs and surgical intervention – from another provider. This bill serves to eliminate this glaring inequity.

Despite the industry’s claims, the bill does not change anything in the chiropractic scope of practice in Michigan. The bill does not change what services are payable under the No-Fault Act. The bill does nothing to change the structures that are in place to determine if a treatment is necessary, nor does it mandate that the insurer cover additional services they do not currently cover. The bill simply allows patients who wish to treat with a chiropractor to do so, without penalty.

We need to show the Michigan House of Representatives that the time has come to pass House Bill 4449. We successfully took on these insurers during our scope fight, and we will need a similar grassroots effort if we are going to defeat them again.

To send an email to your state representative, just click on the Legislative Action Center. Once there, “Take Action” under “Contact Your Legislator About Ending Discrimination in Auto No-Fault.” It’s fast, easy, and will make a major difference.

We have also prepared talking points if you want to call your state representative directly. An updated copy is available here:  4449 Talking Points.

To determine your state representative, click here.

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