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Auto No-Fault Talking Points Now Available!


Last week, we told you about the Michigan Legislature’s efforts to drastically change Michigan’s model auto no-fault system by stripping consumers of critically important rights and benefits currently available under existing law. Because we believe the bill creates many more problems than it solves, the MAC and our partners at the Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault (CPAN) strongly oppose HB 4397 (and similar legislation passed by the Michigan Senate, Senate Bill 1).

Contact your state senator and state representative TODAY and ask him or her to oppose HB 4397 (and Senate Bill 1). The MAC has created talking points that you can use to create your message. Topics include:

The issues above only scratch the surface on the problems caused by this legislation. Click the links for the MAC’s Talking Points and CPAN’s “Summary Analysis of HB 4397,” which provides an in-depth analysis of 20 problems associated with the bill”


The most effective way to contact your local state senator and representative is a phone call. Emails are also an effective tool in making your priorities known to your legislators.

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