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Dedicated Doctors Establish Action Plan for 2019-2020

Eighth MAC Strategic Planning Session a Massive Success!

In late February, MAC leaders, committee members, and interested chiropractors from around the state convened in Lansing for a monumental event – the MAC’s eighth Strategic Planning Session! This tremendous combination of talent, dedication, and experience was joined by our legal, legislative, and public relations consultants and MAC staff to set the goals of the MAC during the two-year presidency of Dr. Eric DiMartino, which ends December 31, 2020.

The session was moderated by Dr. Jay Greenstein, a leading voice in the chiropractic profession and expert on Six Sigma, human capital management, and the Entrepreneurial Operating System. His review of practice building from a broad business perspective and view of what leaders can do to further chiropractic AND unify for real change was a winning combination that was extremely well received by MAC leadership.

“Never in my wildest dreams when I woke this morning did I think I would be presented with such great information,” said MAC District 6 Board of Directors member Dr. M. Douglas Lynes. “[Dr. Greenstein] was spot on to help us all become better leaders in our profession. Thank you for your dedication and helping us by giving us the tools we need to make this profession better for the next generation. I am looking forward to a great new year.”

After reviewing the goals established at the seventh Strategic Planning Session, held in 2017, the doctors broke into groups in the following categories:

These groups then determined their top goals and assigned tasks to ensure their achievement.

Government Relations Committee Top Goals:

Legal Affairs Committee Top Goals

Insurance Relations Committee Top Goals

Public Relations Committee Top Goals

Membership, Recruitment & Benefits Committee Goals

Education & Programs Committee Goals


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