CA Advancement Program (CAAP)

Start Your Journey Toward Excellence!

We all know that a highly competent CA is the lifeblood of a chiropractic practice. In an effort to enhance the knowledge and skills of our members’ chiropractic assistants, the MAC is very proud to announce the introduction of our CA Advancement Program (CAAP).

Special CAAP courses will be offered at each of our conventions (Spring, Fall, and Express), as well as at various seminars (such as our popular Insurance Seminar series) throughout the year. These courses are broken into four tracks, which mirror the tracks available to DCs at our conventions. These tracks are: Art, Science, Philosophy, and Business.

CAAP seminars will feature well-known speakers who provide real-world knowledge CAs can put into practice directly upon their return to the office. Attendees will receive a certificate of completion for every course they take toward the CA Advancement Program.

CAs who complete a certain number of hours (40 total, with at least 4 hours in the Art of Chiropractic, 4 hours in the Philosophy of Chiropractic, 8 hours in the Science of Chiropractic, and 12 hours in the business track) will receive a certificate of completion of the program.

And, doctors get the satisfaction of knowing that their staff is highly trained, qualified, and competent. This is news you can share with new and prospective patients through a MAC-generated press release outlining the new skills obtained during the program.

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